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Your content

Content enhances your digital presence. The current trends of the web require the use of texts and illustrations in numbers; Unless you already have a very strong brand image and are an uncontested leader in your sector.
These contents must enable you to valorize your products and services.
An important part of these contents are texts. Their writing requires specific web writing skills.

Creating content for your site can optimize your SEO and meet the needs of your customers and / or users. We create your content in collaboration with you.

Numerous studies have shown that the reader does not read identically according to the supports. A text intended to be read on the web must therefore not be the same as a text intended for paper. It is sometimes even appropriate to adapt your web scripts to the type of digital support of the reader : Facebook, blog, Twitter etc ... Each of these supports have their own cultural, syntactic and lexical codes …
Another invisible reader is also interested in your web writings : search engines and their algorithms. It is therefore necessary to produce texts that promote your good positioning in the search engines.
We propose you to create or assist you in managing your textual content. An example of texts and audiovisual creations (photos, videos, virtual visits etc ...) of contents on the blog Irresistible Riviera https://www.irresistible-riviera.fr/en/

Web writting and content by ovalp.net

Your social networks performance and impact

Your digital presence is not limited to your website. There are also huge potential for client and communication capabilities on various social networks such as Facebook, of course, but also Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram etc ... etc …
Intervention on these networks is not improvised. "Social marketing" requires specific and constantly evolving skills and knowledge that must not be overlooked. Too many structures are still in a non-professional management of these social networks …

The job of community manager is not improvised. We will allow you to multiply your business with social networks.

Boost your social media impact with www.ovalp.netEach of these social networks has its specificities : users  types and ages, optimal publishing hours, optimal syntactic and lexical choices, "sellers" type of images, timely choice of #hashtags, articulation of messages on these different channels etc...
It is essential to implement an annual overall strategy, to analyze the impact of the problem through user statistics and to carry out the desirable corrective actions.

We propose to professionalize and humanize your social media presence by using tools of monitoring and relational assistance, to define quantitative and qualitative objectives, to improve your rates of commitments.
It is also important to improve the identity of your brand on social networks.
For example by means of one or more #. Having a continuous and comprehensive relationship with its followers is also a key point for your success.
We are at your disposal and willing to manage or assist you on social networks.

Legal expertise and web law

The management of your digital presence requires expertise about the Internet laws as well in terms of mandatory legal notices, copyrights (images, texts, music), right of preservation of digital files (Cnil), management of datas and so on...
Some questions you should ask yourself and for which we can help you :

  • Do your websites and social networks meet the legal requirements?
  • Are you in good standing about managing the right image of your web illustrations?
  • Are your digital relationships on the net in line with your legal obligations, especially with regard to the law for confidence in the digital economy (LEN)?
  • Is your structure, company, really legally protected from its competitors in terms of brand, use name etc ...?

We offer you a first level of expertise, even if it is a very evolving universe (legal and jurisprudential evolutions quite frequent). We are at your disposal to assist you on these legal aspects.

We protect your presence on the web and ensure the legality of your digital presence.

Legal obligation

Your newsletters

Your newsletters allow you to distribute information directly to your customers or subscribers.
Newsletters by ovalp.netThe segmentation of your lists makes it possible to set up more targeted and therefore much more effective messages.
A modern presentation, attractive and especially adapted to mobile terminals (smartphone and tablet) is essential. It is also essential that your newsletters fulfill the legal obligations notably in terms of database management (CNIL etc ...) but also the antispam rules defined by the major players in the web (Google etc ...). Otherwise your presence on the web could be penalized in particular regarding your SEO 5Search Engine Optimization).
You can also use customer relationship software even more powerful than newsletters with CRM (Customer Resource Management) software.
We propose you to realize and / or assist you in the production of your newsletters.

We put all the assets on your side to make your newsletters effective, responsive and attractive.

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