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Your E-reputation and competitive intelligence

It is essential to be vigilant regarding your reputation on the internet in order to present you to your customers, prospects, in a positive way. It is not uncommon, if a professional does not manage this action for you, to miss out on items very important to your brand.
Many organizations do not realize that newspaper articles, blogs or commentaries sometimes affect them daily ; With a real impact on your digital reputation.
We carry out comprehensive monitoring actions in order to keep you informed of what is being said about you on the web. And this as well on different and many social networks, as on the internet.
We also monitor your direct and/or distant competitors on the web (e-commerce, ergonomics, general web news, social networks, key figures, technology etc ...) and we can provide you with syntheses of reporting (decision support).

Give yourself the means to control the reputation of your compagny or even of yourself on the web. We implement monitoring tools and deliver reports with readjustment actions.
Keep an eye on the leaders in your industry to always be ahead of the latest web trends.

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Your proactive success

The nature of the Internet requires a proactive approach, in a loop and continuous evolution. Faced with an ever-evolving environment, adapting requires the use of the available data (big data). Your website and social networks are sources of a lot of usable user data and statistics.
Your competitors, but also your clients or users, often very quickly, change their behavior. It is therefore essential to understand well the behavior of each one, in particular what is called "User experience".
Starting from the paths of your users, understanding these "web attitudes" will then allow you to modify your actions on the web. For example with regard to the navigation architecture of your site, your targets customers or the type of messages on your social networks etc …
The use of all these data and figures requires skills but it also require a lot of time.
We put our skills at your service.

A system in a loop (strategy choices, action, analysis of effects, correction with datas etc.) allows to adapt to the continuous evolution of the web and your digital environment. Go ahead, anticipate in summary be proactive!

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Your advertising purchases

We can set up and manage your ad campaigns such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads (qualitative and quantitative studies, implementation, targeting, adjustments, etc.). This is especially for social media advertising purchases a very cost-effective and efficient way to reach your "targets." Unlike purchases on mass media (TV, press, displays or radio) you can reach your audience very precisely by CSP, age, location very fine, but also interests. The combination of these criteria allows very efficient investments, for still reasonable sums .…
All this is not improvised and requires an indispensable expertise.
We assist you in the implementation and implementation of these advertising purchases.

We manage your advertising purchases on the web and social networks. Take advantage of a segmented audience in a very precise way so as not to spend promotional actions elsewhere than towards your true marketing targets (for example sportsman between 40 and 60 years, inhabiting such a very precise zone and being passionate for fly fishing Gilded ...)

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Target your clients : webmarketing

Economic growth on internet is high (more than 20% per year) and constant.
We develop websites strongly oriented towards your clients or future clients. The main goal of your website is to represent at best your activity in order to attract new clients.

To attain this goal, we put into action a proactive approach approach, structured, built and based on :

  •  The current situation (of your current website, your projects, your competitors, etc...).
  •  A choice towards realistic goals adapted to your business (store, hotel, rental, service provided, etc...), targeting your future web users.
  •  Implementing the means towards attaining these goals (accessible and ergonomic website, web illustrating, Search Engine Optimization, netlinking, availability on social networks , fidelity of your internet users, etc...).
  •  Evaluating the implementation (multiplatform compatibility and navigation, page weight or size , statistical tools, evolution of website participation etc...

The internet is a hyper competitive universe, to be noticed, to stand out and to convince the customer requires the use of specific techniques: lead nurturing, inbound marketing, User experience, datas, techniques of customer centricity etc ... Let us study your assets and Means of action ...

Inbound marketing at your service

Digital marketing is characterized, among other things, by the ability of your customers, with a click, to go to competing offers. It is therefore necessary to attract the customer, to interest him and then to retain him in order to arrive at a conversion into a purchase. The techniques of inbound marketing are nowadays unavoidable. To go quickly it consists of creating contents (texts, visuals etc.) that attract your leads without having to sell them at first (lead nurturing). This creates an interest, a confidence.
Your mature customers to switch to purchase will turn to you through the ability you might have to present yourself as a reference on the product or prestation. Efficiency is today at this price on the web.
A short and short video develops these explanations:

These techniques are time consuming (relative to your business and your ambitions), they represent a certain cost, but you will be able to impose yourself on the web, hyper competitive sector. The analysis of web statistics, the needs of your customers or users allows to be effective during these actions of Inbound marketing ...


Customer centricity

One of the central axes of our approach is called the customer centrality (or UX as user experience centrality).

Faced with the exponential multiplication on the web, of the number of your competitors, it seems essential to us, whatever the quality of your products or services, to place your customers (or users) at the center of your digital actions.
It is also essential to meet their needs and aspirations in order to better promote your products and services.

This does not improvise and covers many aspects and approaches that we propose to develop for you and with you ...

Un des axes centraux de notre démarche s’appelle la centralité client (UX comme user experience).

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