Better your visibility on internet : website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website Search Engine Optimization is a global approach which is done on short, medium and long terms, with specific rhythms. From the website's creation to it's evolution, restrictions tied to correct SEO are integrated. Search Engine Optimization is probably the most crucial part of your website.

The optimal SEO of your digital presence will allow you to move ahead of your competitors and gain market position. These are continuous actions when creating your website but also after. Strategic keyword choices are essential but also inbound marketing actions. More details on this page...

  • Implementing a strategy for the choice of key words adapted to your business, to the geographic location of your activities, to the position of your competitors and of your targeted clients. This first step is an essential element and much too often neglected. Not paying extra attention to this essential first step will only lead to useless efforts. We set up a realistic and ambitious Search Engine Optimization strategy. We then evaluate the short and medium term positionning of your website on a search engine ( Google for the most part because it is used for more than 75% of researching).
  • Optimal Search Engine of web writing for the various pages of your website :
    We propose the rewriting or even the complete writing of your website texts in order to bring your website to its optimum use, with good positionning results when using the principal search engines. This work is done through descriptive elements that you provide to us and in correlation with fixed Search Engine Optimization goals.
  • Optimal internal links of website : we set up internal netlinking, optimal and efficient for your website.
  • Connection from website to internet in order to increase its reputation and popularity :
    internet being a network, we connect your website to internet through the means of external links (yearly inscription, exchange of targeted links, immediate feedback or contributions from targeted quality links) intended to favor its popularity.
  • Implementation of statistical tools allowing to follow the positionning of your website ( origins of the visitors through key words, geographical origins...) in order to eventually refine strategical Search Engine Optimization .
  • We are also able to assist you in implementing advertisement promotional campaigns which are payable on-line, in particular adwords.

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The current SEO : a continuous action and the indispensable creation of original contents

As competition is increasingly fierce in the current digital ecosystem, unless there are real competitors or a niche market, it is now desirable, if not indispensable, to create much content to increase your SEO. These articles and visual content must be original and with real added value and regularly published, both on your website and on your social networks. It is not, of course, a matter of simple copying and pasting (risk of duplicate content), as can be seen too often.
This proactive approach makes it possible to attract the interest of Internet users and therefore search engines.
Again, this does not improvise and therefore requires specific skills: what targets (customer segmentation), what vectors of appropriate dissemination, planning of publications according to the medium and audience targeted, media-specific web-writing, adapted images and not only esthetics etc ...
This background work of "inbound marketing" for good end positioning in target query results takes time and therefore represents a cost (very competitive at
This is a real investment that will allow you to move ahead of your competitors. If your products and / or services are of high quality and at competitive rates, this will maximize your chances of boosting your business.

Customer centricity

One of the central axes of our approach is called the customer centrality (or UX as user experience centrality).

Faced with the exponential multiplication on the web, of the number of your competitors, it seems essential to us, whatever the quality of your products or services, to place your customers (or users) at the center of your digital actions.
It is also essential to meet their needs and aspirations in order to better promote your products and services.

This does not improvise and covers many aspects and approaches that we propose to develop for you and with you ...

Un des axes centraux de notre démarche s’appelle la centralité client (UX comme user experience).

customer centric

Realization, consultant, consultant :

  • Realization: according to your needs it is possible for us to offer you either general or partial services: website creation, web illustrations, actions of community manager.
  • Assistance: it is also possible, according to your projects and needs, to carry out the tasks of project manager by subcontracting part of the achievements (selection, coordination and control of the project management), as well as assistance to master (AMO).
  • Advice: We also offer consulting services. In a digital universe that is always very evolutive and often very technical, we put your current actions on the web into perspective with regard to competition and the latest trends. We carry out reports and summaries of proposals for actions and projects, correction and adaptation of the existing enabling your development.